CeraVe Is Your Favorite Facial Moisturizer

Voting is over and we hear you loud and clear: CeraVe reigns supreme as your facial moisturizer of choice.


For those who seek baby soft skin, look no further than CeraVe. This old-school lotion contains Multi-Vesicular Emulsion technology, which sounds like pseudo-science mumbo jumbo, but is actually a fancy way of saying that it controls the release of moisture over a 24 hour period. Translation? It’s the holy grail for ladies with rash-prone, itchy, and perennially blotchy skin. This baby has a matte finish and won’t clog your pores.

The only drawback? The AM lotion tends to go on a bit a thick, which makes sense since it has vaseline in it. If your skin is especially sensitive, we recommend the PM, which is universally beloved by ladies with trouble skin. Bonus points: Here’s a coupon, if you’re a first time customer.

I’ve used it for about six months now with no breakouts or other weird issues. I will say that some here are talking about the AM/PM versions (which you can see here: and here:) and those both broke me out in a bad way into a little red rash of bumps all over my face. I also had a really hard time applying foundation over the AM moisturizer—the sunblock was a little too blocky, I think. I have tried and I have tried and I cannot use them.

I now just stick with the tub which is found at Walgreens/Target/most grocery stores. I also like to put it on to damp skin—it has hyaluronic acid in it which helps draw moisture into the skin and I like to think that applying it on wet skin helps make my skin even “plumper” and softer, but that could jus be all in my head. I will also say that this moisturizer dries into a really matte finish and actually doesn’t feel that moisturizing after you apply it—so it’s great under make-up and good for oily skins, too. It’s deceptive that way—at first I felt like my dry skin needed something (much) more since I’m used to greasy, heavier moisturizers...but after using it every night for about a month I can definitely tell that it’s helping my poor skin. I’ve tried super expensive moisturizers and all the cheapies—this is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t make my skin freak out. Love it.

- hirisejeansandjellybeans

CeraVe if you have heavy duty dryness it’s where I’d spend my money. It’s not for everyday, for everyday I go with my Pond’s, but CeraVe for a temporary treatment really and then you can go back to your normal one for a while till it gets bad again or Spring.


In second place is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion, a lotion that’s become a rite of passage to steal from our mother’s vanity. But, we’ve had quite a few naysayers, warning us against the iconic yellow concoction.

I cannot believe the Clinique DDML is up there! That stuff is known—even within the beauty industry—to be useless. It’s a total nostalgia buy (“my grandma gave it to me,” or “I used to steal the samples from my mom’s gift with purchase”—believe me, that’s exactly what Clinique depends on to keep this subpar product alive). Save yourself the money and buy whatever’s at the drugstore: any Olay cream, or the CeraVe or Neutrogena above. Ugh.

They introduced DDML in 1968. I think they knew for a loooong time that they needed to update, but were concerned about damaging the 3-step positioning (as the only thing you need to do, twice a day). I mean, it took them FOREVER to offer anything beyond a bar soap cleanser (even after many derms said bars weren’t great for facial skin). Then 2 years ago, they started offering DDML gel and cream versions. Like, it took them that long to concede that different skin types needs different levels of moisture (beyond that stupid toner).


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