Your Pick For the Best Nail Polish Of Choice Is OPI, But Zoya Is The Fan Favorite

It was a real nail-biter, but OPI emerged as the victor with 30% of the vote, defeating ESSIE by the slimmest of margins as your nail polish of choice. They really nailed it. Shall we take a look at what happened?


I am a big fan of O.P.I nail polish, particularly the metallic ones. The colors flow on nicely and dry quickly without losing their sheen. O.P.I. colors are varied, their endurance is above average and the names of the polish amusing. - Maezeppa

OPI FOR LIFE. I’ve tried all of the major brands and a far amount of the indies and OPI is the one I can count on to be consistent. Also, their polishes seem to last longer in the bottle than some other brands for some reason. I can actually use a full bottle before it gets too goopy even for thinner. - miss_chevious

OPI was praised by you for affordability and availability. In other words, it’s a decent nail polish at a real bargain. Yet, your comments were borderline lukewarm towards your supposed “favorite” nail polish.

Hate to say this but, Essie and Opi are low end tacky Crap. Unless you’re a teenager or a poor college student buy Zoya for something that will last and look divine. - PmRNzzz


When it comes to cult following, Zoya is the clear winner with 20% of the vote and 100% of the comments. Oh boy, do you guys ever love Zoya. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t painted my nails in over a year and your praises have me considering a comeback tour. OPI is a salon standard, while Zoya products are found online, which may account for why less of you have heard of it and why those who have heard of it are so feverishly loyal. Onward with your abundant praise!

ZOYA is the best. They’ve got a great color selection and THE BEST metallics. Trixie is a perfect silver foil. Freja is a gunmetal pencil lead gray. They discontinued Penny (the exact color of a new penny) so I’m exploring their other coppery colors and have high hopes for Autumn.

They’re a little light on the neons but they’ve got a couple. - teagurl

Yup, Zoya all the way. It’s witchcraft: the coverage is solid, but the consistency is thin enough that it spreads without leaving any streaks, even with the sheer shades. It can’t keep me inside the lines, but is otherwise idiot-proof. Without a top- or base-coat, I can get a solid workweek out of an application with just some wear on the edges, no chipping. - Abroun

Zoya is my winner, but never, ever pay full price unless a) it is an outfit emergency or b) you absolutely HAVE to have a new launch now now now.


If you sign up for their emails, they regularly do discounts and deals where you frequently can get shades for $4-5 and free shipping if you are buying more than one. I’ve seen 2 for $10, 3 for $15, most recently 4 for $15, buy one shade full price get two free...all sorts of madness. You’ll never pay full price for a Zoya color again. I also live for their Armor base coat (which, unfortunately, rarely goes on sale like the polish), though nothing on this green earth compares to the crazy mirror shine of the Nars top coat. - steakhousefunyun


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